Greta Thunberg has once again proved that - despite what the likes of Donald Trump and Piers Morgan seem to believe - it is actually possible to care about the environment and have a banging sense of humour.

The teenage activist has got in on the first meme of 2020 by changing her Twitter handle to Sharon. Yes, Sharon. In case you've been off the internet today, here's why.

Appearing on Celebrity Mastermind, actor Amanda Henderson - known for her role as Robyn Miller on BBC 1's Casualty - was asked:

"The 2019 book entitled No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference is a collection of speeches made by a Swedish climate change activist. What’s her name?"

The correct answer is of course "Greta Thunberg", but Henderson's hilariously relatable mindblank went immediately viral when she responded, clearly stumped: "Sharon."

Please watch the video to appreciate the hilarity of the moment in its full glory. You probably had to be there.

Anyway, Thunberg seems to be equally as amused as the rest of us it all.

Thunberg is known for changing her Twitter bio to reflect the absurd insults levelled against her by Trump and Putin. Now she's taken her personal brand of lolz to a new level.

Hearteyes for Greta all round.

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