World’s angriest man accuses Greta Thunberg of having an ‘anger management problem'

World’s angriest man accuses Greta Thunberg of having an ‘anger management problem'
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Our lord and saviour, Greta Thunberg is back to prove that she's the most politically aware Swedish teenager to ever walk the (quickly warming) planet.

After being crowned Time's person of the year, she took the time to tweet out to her 3.2 million followers – of which at least a handful must be British voters – to vote with the environment in mind.

She stopped short of telling us who to vote for, but people drew their own conclusions.

Meanwhile Donald Trump – who as we all know is famously even-keeled and rational – decided to use his platform to tell Thunberg to work on her "anger management problem".

It's almost as if the president has been watching 1950s teen movies for inspiration on what "the youth" does these days, and has concluded that "a good old-fashioned movie" beats political activism when it comes to productive use of time.

Why anyone would bother to go to the cinema for entertainment when there's the endless entertainment of his bonkers tweets is beyond us, but each to their own.

Predictably, Thunberg has now changed her Twitter bio to troll Trump, something that she does whenever a world leader criticises her. This time she has changed it to read:

A teenager working on her anger management problem. Currently chilling and watching a good old fashioned movie with a friend.

Picture:Picture: Twitter/Screengrab

To be honest, we could watch this all day.

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