Hannity rants about cognitive decline - then introduces Kellyanne Conway as 'Trump'

Hannity rants about cognitive decline - then introduces Kellyanne Conway as 'Trump'
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There are some moments that occur during a Fox segment that you truly cannot make up. Oftentimes viewers are left wondering whether or not whatever they just witnessed was actually real, or if it was a stunt.

Sean Hannity has had a few of these you-need-to-see-it-to-believe moments go viral. For the loudmouth right-winger, he often makes remarks or rants that truly just do not make sense.

In a recent moment on-air that is already going viral, Hannity mistakenly introduces his guest as “Kellyanne Trump", right after a segment on Joe Biden's alleged cognitive decline.

The woman on screen wasn't a member of the Trump clan, of course, she was Kellyanne Conway, the former president's right-hand woman.

Watch the moment here:

Of course, if we want to give Hannity the benefit of the doubt, we can always assume that this was not a remarkable blunder on his end and instead was a nod to Conway's Trumpian ideals—but you can decide that for yourself.

While you would think people would be more surprised by this, many people have simply just come to expect this from an anchor such as Hannity.

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Others said it was a pretty accurate description, given her loyalty to the former president.

"I think they should ALL change their last names to Trump," said one person.

"Life has become 30 Rock," remarked another Twitter user.

Someone else added, "LMFAO... thx for this impressive proof of your level of delusion and brainless worshiping @seanhannity."

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