Sean Hannity says he would beat Biden in press up contest

Monday night's episode of Fox News show, Hannity, brought up some unique ideas about athleticism and Covid.

Notably, host, Sean Hannity, insisted he would win in a push-up contest against President Joe Biden while speaking with conservative media personality, Clay Travis.

"Maybe we can get Joe Biden to do a push-up contest with us too," Travis jokingly said in reference to his athleticism after contracting Covid.

"I'll win," Hannity shot back quickly. "If you want to go for it, we'll do it for charity. We'll do it on camera."

Hopefully, the president will have room in his busy schedule for a push-up content with two men 20 years his junior.

Sean Hannity speaking with Clay Travis Fox News / Hannity

The two began the conversation talking about Covid among professional athletes in light of Sunday's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers.

Packer's quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, infamously misled people about his vaccination status after contracting Covid mid-season.

Travis has vehemently opposed vaccination requirements in professional sports, saying the vaccine does not prevent Covid.

"[The NFL] have a nearly 100% vaccination rate, and the guys are still testing overwhelmingly positive," Travis said, "They've all had it, to my knowledge, and have all been 100% fine just like me."

Travis is correct, the vaccine can not fully prevent people from contracting Covid, rather it prevents severe illness and death.

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