Here's how many Sun readers actually vote for the Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn earned himself a round of applause in the summer for insisting during a Labour leadership election debate that he doesn't buy the Sun.

But photos from Wednesday morning's edition of the paper appear to prove that he's gone back on his word - the Labour leader was spotted with a copy tucked under his arm as he walked back from the shops:

While the paper's journalists have used it as evidence that Labour's politicians secretly love the paper, several other theories have been flying around since.

Maybe, as one online commentator suggested, Mr Corbyn just wanted to know what the "enemy" were saying, or perhaps he secretly had his copy of the Morning Star tucked inside it. Or even just wanted to find out who won the footy last night.

While much of Corbyn's success at becoming Labour leader has been put down to him bypassing the "mainstream media" and instead spreading his message through social media, the Sun's former editor and current chief operating officer David Dinsmore stated his belief last week that newspapers still hold sway when it comes to elections.

So how many readers of the most read paper in the country actually vote Labour?

This table, using YouGov data from the general election, shows that just 24 per cent of Sun readers vote Labour, with 47 per cent opting for the Tories and 19 per cent choosing Ukip.

Looks like Jez is in a minority.

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