Here's what happens to Larry the cat when Theresa May moves in at Number 10

Theresa May will be relocating to Number 10 Downing Street following her official appointment as Prime Minister on Wednesday.

May’s controversially strong stance on immigration control is causing waves, and recently a video of her talking about immigration in 2011 has resurfaced, in which she said:

We all know the stories about the Human Rights Act - the illegal immigrant who cannot be deported because – and I am not making this up – because he had a pet cat.

Well now, May's relocation may be problematic.

You see this is Larry, the Chief Mouser for Number 10:

Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

No really, that's his official title and everything.

According to the official government page:

Larry spends his days greeting guests to the house, inspecting security defences and testing antique furniture for napping quality. His day-to-day responsibilities also include contemplating a solution to the mouse occupancy of the house. Larry says this is still ‘in tactical planning stage’.

Larry became an addition to Downing Street's staff in 2011, after having been head-hunted from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

But what'll become of Larry when May moves in?

Operationally he's staying.

We're guessing that means yes, Larry will still be there catching the mice.

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