Japan's sex problem is so bad they've created a hologram to replace wives

Japan's sex problem is so bad they've created a hologram to replace wives

To be fair, Luke fancied Leia when she was just a hologram.

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It's no secret that reproduction rates are not looking great in Japan.

At the beginning of this month it was reported that only around 8.4 children were born for every 1,000 Japanese people over last five years!

We've even heard that young people are giving up on dating and are just marrying their friends.

In fact, it's got so bad that one company seem to have decided virtual wives are the only solution.

Gatebox is a new assistant from Japanese company Vinclu Inc. and features a holographic wife.

The company, who look to be entering the AI assistant market in a big way, revealed Azuma this week via their website.

Azuma is a transparent anime hologram in a tube, who represents what is essentially a computerised apartment. Think HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey only cute.

In an advert released by the company last week, the hologram appears to act as an alarm, a weather app, and a chat bot, as well as being able to switch the lights on and off in the apartment.


The advert shows Azuma waking her 'husband' and recommending he take an umbrella in case it rains.

She then texts her man during the day, asking him to come home, while he's at work.

Picture:Picture: Info Vinclu/YouTube

Then Azuma turns on all the lights and prepares the house for when her man comes home.

Sure, the technology is impressive... But it doesn't represent a particularly strong or independent outlook on women does it?

According to Gatebox, the characters are not intended for entertainment but instead:

We want the characters [to] be naturally in our daily lives and [to] spend relaxing time with us"

But we have to ask, haven't Black Mirror and every sci-fi story ever created shown examples of how perilous this can be?

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