How European countries feel about the refugee crisis, in one word

Monday 28 September 2015 13:30

Britain feels sad, Germany afraid and France is angry.

Those are the words that most people in those countries chose to describe their feelings about the refugee crisis.

YouGov conducted research in seven European countries and asked people to indicate which words best described their feelings about the refugee crisis.

These are the three most commonly chosen words for each country (in order):

UK: Sad, annoyed and angry

Germany: Afraid, helpless and annoyed

France: Angry, sad and afraid

Denmark: Empathetic, sad and helpless

Sweden: Pity, disgusted and empathetic

Finland: Empathetic, sad and annoyed

Norway: Sad, pity and helpless

YouGov also asked the same people for their thoughts on which countries had responded in the best manner to the refugee crisis. While perceptions of Hungary were the worst (and Germany the best), the UK did not fare particularly well.

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