How George Osborne plans to tackle the refugee crisis and pay for Britain's 10,000 refugees

Britain is expected to accept more than 10,000 Syrian refugees, although Downing Street has moved to deny reports that the number will be 15,000.

George Osborne has given the first details on how the UK will pay for those fleeing Syria for Britain and how the government plans to help ease the crisis across Europe and the Middle East:

  • Money from Britain's foreign aid budget will be diverted to local councils across the UK

  • A "fundamental rethink" of the way the UK's £12bn annual foreign aid budget is allocated ahead of the autumn spending review

  • Mr Osborne said more money will be directed to the "failed states" in the Middle East

  • "In the short term, we are going to take more refugees but not in the way that encourages them on to these dangerous boats" in the Mediterranean, the chancellor said

  • He also suggested the Government will press ahead with efforts to win a parliamentary vote to authorise air strikes over Syria

  • Osborne opened up the possibility of trying to win over enough Labour MPs to outweigh the 30 or so backbench Tory MPs who are understood to oppose military action

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