We've all been there. Staring longingly at your phone, putting it facedown in a vain attempt to stop checking it, mentally going through all the life-and-death scenarios which are definitely likely reasons bae hasn't text you back.

Well we have good news: those days could be behind you if you follow these tips from dating columnist "Dr Nerdlove" and online dating coach Patrick King, as told to LifeHacker:

1. The 'play it cool by waiting two days to reply' gimmick doesn't work

  • Text the sooner the better.

2. Don't just say 'hi'

  • It might be harmless but a one word text shows the recipient you haven't put time and effort into talking to them.

3. Send texts with purpose, ie making plans

  • Too much online rather than in person interaction can leave IRL meetings lacking spark.

4. Don't be pushy

  • Wait at least a day to send another text if they're not getting back to you.

5. Grammar and spelling are important

  • Again - paying attention to your language shows you care.

6. Know when to stop

  • If they're not responding, send something that doesn't necessitate an answer to see if they still want to chat. One unreturned text isn't a big deal, two means they could be busy, but three means you need to move on.

Read a comprehensive list over on Lifehacker

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