When it comes to Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds their banter holds no bonds and we love to see it.

In an era where celebs take their genuine arguments online, it is refreshing to see Jackman and Reynolds stay committed to their friendly sparring.

During his virtual appearance on Good Morning America, their comical feud came up during a discussion about Jackman's recent Emmy nomination for his role in Bad Education.

In case you missed it, Reynolds congratulated Jackman on the nomination in July but could not resist poking a little fun at his famous friend saying that he didn't deserve the recognition. It turned into Jackman hitting back with a joke suggesting that Reynolds was just green with envy.

So things got even funnier when host Michael Strahan asked if Jackman if he had been in contact with Reynolds since then. This is when he mentioned Blake Lively, Reynold’s wife.

He said:

I check on Blake all the time. I just can't imagine what this whole isolation has been like. I mean, really, that's months in the same house with Ryan. So, I check on her all the time. She really really appreciates that. I think it's been very difficult for her.

He then joked he and Reynolds have a "big brother, little brother" relationship.

He continued:

I just keep trying to take the high road all the time. It's very difficult. It's draining. I'm trying to teach him, but, you know, he won't listen.

Out of all thing things to happen in 2020 – considering the pandemic – the ramping up of this "feud" has to be one of the bests things celebrities have offered us.

The ongoing banter has left people on social media in stitches and made a few afternoons "bright".

A rare example of famous people having some truly harmless fun.

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