Radio presenter saves suicidal caller's life live on air

Radio presenter saves suicidal caller's life live on air

A radio host has been praised after keeping a suicidal caller on the phone for 30 minutes until emergency services were able to locate him.

TalkRADIO presenter Iain Lee, who has been open about his mental health issues in the past, was contacted by a man called Chris while live on air.

Shockingly, Chris told Iain that he had taken an overdose within the last hour and was dying in the street. Sounding slightly incoherent, the man talked to Iain about his feelings and mentioned that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Durning the call, Iain managed to find out the man’s exact location and what he was wearing, while his producer off-air Katherine Boyle contacted emergency services.

As the pair talked, Iain sounded on the verge of tears, saying:

Tell you what, Chris - I don't want you to die tonight. I need to know what street you're on. I want you to get through tonight and chat to me tomorrow, when you haven't got a load of drugs in you

I don't want you to die tonight because I love you. I love you, brother. I love you.

Soon a police officer appeared on the line and told Iain that she was there to deal with the situation, which made Iain burst into tears.

Iain later took to Twitter to give an update about what had happened.

Given the sensitive and remarkable nature of the call, Twitter users praised Iain and wishing the caller well.

If you have been affected by this article, you can contact the following organisations for support:

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