It's fair to say that Fox News has not been a fan of Ilhan Omar, a member of congress for Minneapolis, ever since she got elected.

Omar is a Democratic Representative for Minnesota’s 9th District – she supported Bernie Sanders and has been an outspoken critic of President Trump.

She also wears a hijab – one of the only women in Congress to ever do so. Unfortunately, her principles and her position have made her a target for people like Trump, and loyalists like TV host Laura Ingraham, who attacked her on a live TV segment this week for basically no reason.

Ingraham claimed that schools would be turning students into “mini Ilhan Omars” by teaching kids about racism, presumably an attack on her progressive views.

She said:

Every subject, every extracurricular activity, will be perverted to turn your kids into mini Ilhan Omars. They're gonna learn that capitalism is racist, history as conventionally taught is racist, literature – most of that's racist.

She went on this vein for a little while more, talking about how education in schools would turn from the three Rs ("reading, writing and arithmetic") to: "the three Cs, which are critical race theory, cancel culture and community organising."

(It’s worth pointing out that not only is this not happening, but it’s unlikely to happen at any point in the near future.)

Footage of the clip was shared widely on Twitter, which prompted Ilhan Omar’s daughter, Isra Hirsi, to quote-tweet the clip with a joke.

Hirsi is 17 and an outspoken activist – she’s campaigned with progressive groups such as Sunrise Movement, a youth led movement focusing on climate change and environmental policy, and frequently teases her mom on social media about politics.

It's pretty safe to say that if there were more mini Ilhan Omars, the world would probably be in safe hands.

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