People left speechless by this ridiculously demanding advert for an 'assistant' to an influencer

Tobi Akingbade
Tuesday 04 August 2020 14:30

If there was an Olympic sport for job adverts, this role for an Influencer’s assistant may have broken a world record for its outrageousness.

We’ve all seen some pretty bad job descriptions (you know the type that promises low wages for a bag of “experience”) but how necessary is a job promising $25 (£19) to $30 (£23) an hour for a 'part-time' role where the assistant needs to be on-site eight hours a day and on-call 24/7?

That means all day, everyday. Aka no rest.

The LA influencer who is hiring demands that the future assistant be responsible not just for the ordinary task (creating content) but also for cooking, cleaning, and chauffeuring.

Conveniently, the influencer kept their identity a secret in the job posting, but said that she is “a well-known celebrity/influencer with 10+ million followers” who is looking for a “well organized/available/diligent personal assistant.”

Other tasks include managing the influencer's social media accounts, assisting on minor video projects, and letting a host of people into the house through each day.

The kicker of it all is that the social media star expects the assistant to live no more than 60 minutes away, have a car and be “able to drive client anywhere at any time,” and “have 'minimal days off”.

The listing also says:

You must keep all emotion/private life matters completely away from this world. You will deal with lots of incredibly private matters.

It carries on:

In this position you should feel comfortable planning/managing calendar actives, being on property around eight hours a day, cleaning, cooking, communicating with producer/videographer/editor/manager/all stylists/ cleaning services/ other celebrities/friends, researching and preparing for all preproduction, production and post production activities, handling all personal tasks for the YouTuber etc.

The job posting for the personal assistant on this week has caused a lot of outrage on Twitter.

Instagrammer and YouTuber Jackie Aina had the perfect response as she replied to the ad with a meme with the lyrics “turn the lights off”:

Blogger-turned-celebrity Perez Hilton joked that YouTuber Jake Paul was the mystery influencer:

Other users made these observations:

All the best to those who applied. Hopefully, you can see your family at Christmas.