This model re-captions her Instagram photos to reveal how they were edited

Harriet Marsden@harriet1marsden
Friday 25 November 2016 16:00
Picture:(Screenshot / Instagram (jazzegger))

Instagram - an artistic but ultimately harmless social media? Or an exercise in image curation and performative perfection?

In particular, the staged, alluring but ultimately misleading elements of some photos, particularly of models or Instacelebs, are heavily criticised.

But there are some influential Instagrammers who are deliberately battling the false superficiality of the photos

Blogger Sophie Cachia shared a natural, realistic picture of herself at 33 weeks pregnant, with a brutally honest caption about her previous 'glamorous' shot and how much effort it took to achieve that look.

Fitness blogger Ashlie Mostad posted a composite of two side by side images: the left showed her looking taut and stretched, while on the right she adopted a more natural pose.

And now Jazz Egger, 19-year-old model and music journalist from Austria, joins the ranks.

On many of her Instagram photos, Egger provides a description of what really went on behind the scenes to create that perfect picture.

She captions them: #truthbehindthisshot.

She also opens up about her own personal insecurities about her looks.

She's even shared some brutal tales of the fashion industry.

Egger is quoted in Metro as saying: "I get so many messages from young people who ask me how they can lose weight or other beauty questions."

"I never give them advice, I only ask them: 'If you were the only person on this planet and no one could see you. Would you still want to change your body?' I guess you know what they then answer."

Her captions have been received extremely positively by her followers:

Wow I am amazed! It is so wonderful to see how someone dares to show the truth! Normally people are too scared you have won all my respect!

This is so helpful and inspiring to know that everyone, even models, have their struggles— thank you and you should be proud!

I am positive that your honesty about the industry saved lives. Thank you. Seriously, with all I have, thank you.

In fact, Egger revealed to indy100 today that one girl had actually messaged her saying that those words had saved her life.

"I am overwhelmed," says Egger.

This is the best feeling in the world.

With some 14,000 followers, this inspirational Instagrammer could also prove to be seriously influential.

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