With evidence of president Donald Trump’s legal troubles mounting by the day, Republican senator Susan Collins thinks more information is needed before she can talk about it.

When asked by CNN host Jake Tapper what she thought about the allegations that Trump directed his former lawyer Michael Cohen to give illegal payments to two adult film actresses, Collins attempted to dodge the question, saying:

We need to wait until we have the entire picture.

But Tapper wasn’t going to let that one slide, responding:

I get that when it comes to the Russia investigation.

But when it comes to Michael Cohen, we kind of do have the whole picture.

Tapper explained that prosecutors and Cohen say the payments, which amounted to finance violations, were made at the direction of Trump.

And now Michael Cohen is going to jail as a result of that and other crimes.

Don’t we have the whole picture there?

The CNN host then questioned the senator further, asking about audio tapes which appear to show Cohen discussing the payments with Trump, indicating that the president was at least aware of his actions.

H/T: HuffPost

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