Ivanka Trump is again calling out ‘cancel culture’ while her father is trying to cancel a fair election

Ivanka Trump was in Georgia on Monday, campaigning for the Republican candidates who are standing in the states run-off elections in early January. 

Speaking at a rally for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, Ivanka encouraged people to vote for the two candidates but also used it as a means to promote her father, the president. Ivanka said, “Far too many Americans and Georgians feel that their voice has been silenced and that their vote has been cancelled. We must send David and Kelly back to the Senate to defend election integrity and protect American democracy and fight for Trump.”

Despite neglecting to mention that her father lost the election, Ivanka also sounded off again on her war against so-called ‘cancel culture’ something that she talked about in October during the election campaign. This time she said something similar. “We want a culture where differences of opinion and debate are encouraged not cancelled.”

She added, “Where law enforcement is respected, our country’s rich diversity is celebrated and where people of all backgrounds, races, genders and creeds can achieve their God-given potential. ”

While this would all seem well and good, Ivanka should have probably thought about what her father is currently doing as after all he is literally trying to cancel the results of an election.

The hypocrisy of Ivanka’s statement didn’t go unnoticed.

So far, Trump and his team, despite his baseless conspiracy theories, have been unable to produce any significant evidence of voter fraud. In more recent days there have been concerning reports that Trump might physically refuse to leave the White House when Joe Biden is sworn in and implement martial law in swing states and hold the election again.

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