Ivanka Trump deletes tweet calling rioters ‘patriots’

Ivanka Trump

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Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump has attempted to boast about her father’s ‘accomplishments’ as President on Twitter, only to be quickly reminded about the many terrible things he’s actually done.

Ivanka has served as an Advisor to the President during his presidency and has strongly endorsed her father from the start of his political campaign and throughout.

The businesswoman and former model is believed to be Donald Trump’s favourite child and has remained loyal while her father tore kids from their families, reversed climate change policies, was impeached twice and was involved in a whole host of other scandals, including the recent deadly insurrection.

Unfortunately for Ivanka, the internet remembers.

So, when she tweeted a link to an official White House page titled ‘Trump Administration Accomplishments’, Twitter users quickly responded with lists of all the horrible acts Donald Trump has carried out while holding the most powerful position in the United States.

Her attempted boast backfired quickly as people replied with the cold, hard facts about what Donald Trump actually did as President.

The criticisms include the way in which he has handled the coronavirus pandemic which has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, his treatment of migrant families and peaceful protesters, and his two impeachments - the first time in American history a president has been impeached twice.

Clearly, it’s going to take more than a tweet from Ivanka for people to forget about the bad things Trump has done.

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