On Wednesday, after days of waiting, president Donald Trump was projected as the winner of Alaska handing him three precious electoral college votes.

It remains to be seen if the president will dispute this victory and if his team is able to produce any evidence of electoral fraud but for the time being, his eldest daughter Ivanka Trump was delighted.

After it was announced, Ivanka retweeted the Associated Press, who made the call, thanking all Alaskans and congratulating senator Dan Sullivan.

This would all seem well and good but Ivanka's tweet managed to undermine one of the things the Trump administration and many of his key aides and supporters have contested about the election result.

The Associated Press was one of the key news sources that called the election in Joe Biden's favour on Saturday. They have called election results since 1848. Associated Press even published an article explaining why the media calls the result.

However, Trump's war against the media has led to his supporters refusing to recognise that Biden is now president-elect and they are now promoting baseless claims of voter fraud and legal cases. Even the president himself, asked on Sunday 'when does the Lamestream Media call who our next president will be?'

This is why Ivanka's celebration over the Alaska victory has prompted some backlash, as she would appear more than happy to accept the AP projection when it favours her father.

Ivanka Trump, compared to other members of her family, has been mostly quiet on the unfounded claims of electoral fraud that are being aimed at the Democrats, which has lead Trump's team to set up a hotline for members of the public to report any suspicious activity that they might have seen. Fox News also aired an unusual segment with an anonymous and heavily disguised figure who claimed to have seen irregular activity while working at a polling station in Nevada.

That being said, on Friday Ivanka

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