Jacob Rees-Mogg roasted after sharing a note written by 'a boy' who supports Brexit and 'loves the Tory Party'


Jacob Rees-Mogg has found himself at the centre of another piece of viral ridicule after he shared a note written by an anonymous child who 'supports Brexit' and 'loves the Tory Party'.

Earlier the week the MP and leader of the House of Commons posted a picture on his Instagram account of a piece of rough handwriting done in felt tip.

The note reads:

Brexit Forever.

I love the Tory Party.

Somerset is great.

In the accompanying caption, Rees-Mogg wrote:

My sentiments exactly. What else would a boy draw when he finished his homework?

It's not clear whose child wrote this note. It could have been one of his own children or a child from his constituency. Or it could just be Rees-Mogg himself, as some social media users have speculated.

That's what the infamous Twitter account 'Didn't Happen of the Year Awards' has claimed, who asked the Tory MP for some answers.

People weren't convinced that a child had penned this note either with some calling for the UK's greatest detective...Coleen Rooney.

Others just used the opportunity to mock Rees-Mogg for even sharing the letter in the first place.

Incidentally, this reminds of a story from a few months ago when Nigel Farage tried to pull the same stunt and was predictably roasted for it.

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