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Jacob Rees-Mogg has written a poem about Brexit and it's most probably the most awkward thing you'll read today.

Taking to Twitter, the politician and Leader of the House of Commons said in regards to a story about the poet laureate not penning a poem about Britain's exit from the EU on October 31, the Tory MP wrote:

The Telegraph challenges readers to become bards of Brexit. I have had a go but I am sure others can do better. The prize should be a butt of sherry.

And the poem? Well, read it in full, below. Be prepared to be underwhelmed.

As we've already discovered from reading the less than complimentary reviews of his book 'The Victorians', Rees-Mogg isn't exactly Shakespeare.

Read and weep, people, read and weep.

The Poet Laureate used to be paid in sherry/

Which made him decidedly merry/

Now he is paid in hard cash/

Which makes him awfully slapdash/

But when it comes to Brexit he needn’t be wary? 

It goes without saying that people on social media were less than impressed.

What on earth is a 'butt' of sherry, anyway?

And others offered their own poems.

Well, as they say on Love Island, it is what it is!

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