Radio host explains why Jacob Rees-Mogg was wrong to politicise England's cricket world cup win

Radio host explains why Jacob Rees-Mogg was wrong to politicise England's cricket world cup win

A radio host has explained why Jacob Rees-Mogg was wrong to politicise the cricket, and it's perfect.

Speaking on TalkSport, host Max Rushden took Rees-Mogg to task over a tweet he shared after England won the Cricket World Cup on Sunday, attempting to steal the team's thunder by making it about Brexit.

In a post-match tweet, Rees-Mogg said:

A d..n close run thing, we clearly don't need Europe to win...

However, speaking on TalkSport Radio, Rushden said:

Right, I'm not the first person to criticise this tweet, but I cannot be repeated enough in my opinion. 

To politicise this moment, for me, is just totally unacceptable, and if you are going to politicise it, how stupid can you be to get it so wrong? 

Yesterday, millions of people, from different backgrounds, came together to watch eleven players right, a squad, a coach, and staff from all over the world who have made this country thier home, right? 

Forever, or for now, including an Irish captain, a key bowler born in Barbados, an opening batsman born in South Africa, a man of the match born in New Zealand, an Australian coach, and I personally couldn't be more proud. 

This England squad sums up what England is for me, it is diverse, it's white and black and Christian and Muslim... 

And for him to politicise this, without realising what this is, right, it's nothing to do with Europe or Brexit, that's not a thing! 

He's trying to score points at a time when it doesn't need to happen. 

It's a tweet that comes from... a government that means playing fields disappearing, opportunities diminishing for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to play sport. 

A hostile environment on immigration right, how... you wonder how good our cricket team is going to be in 20 years, because in my opinion his government is making it harder to repeat what happened yesterday. 

And look that debate on TalkRadio was happening. We all know that the country is split at the moment, none of us really know how to fix it, and you might agree with Rees Mogg on that, you might not. 

But to say it at the exact time that we come together, even if it is for a tiny moment, to try and divide us and score political points, proves to me that he does not understand this cricket team, and that he does not understand what sport is about.

After he shared the tweet on social media, it got lots of positive reaction.

Many people said that the speech was 'spot on'.

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