Ardent Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has a habit of making grand statements on Twitter, only for them to backfire badly.

In the past, the Tory MP has been roasted by JK Rowling for his tweets about the Brexit deal with the EU where he is firmly in favour of leaving the EU with no-deal.

Now he is encouraging people to invest in the city of London after sharing an article by the pro-Brexit political blog Guido Fawkeswhich reports that EU investors are considering moving to the UK because of Brexit.

People were quick to point out that Rees-Mogg's City firm, Somerset Capital Management, has set-up an investment fund in Ireland ahead on Britain's exit from the EU.

The new fund was registered in March 2018 and will be governed by EU and Irish laws, with Brexit being cited as causing "considerable uncertainty" in their own prospectus.

During, and possibly after, this period there is likely to be considerable uncertainty as to the position of the UK and the arrangements which will apply to its relationships with the EU and other countries following its withdrawal.

This uncertainty may affect other countries in the EU, or elsewhere if they are considered to be impacted by these events.

As [the firm is] based in the UK and a fund’s investments may be located in the UK or the EU, a fund may, as a result, be affected by the events described above.

This is amid fears that the company will be cut off from EU investors after Brexit, which is a complete contradiction to the article that he shared on Friday.

Twitter hasn't been shy about reminding him of this. Let's just say some of the comments weren't exactly complimentary of the 49-year-old MP's contrasting statements and real-life decisions.

This actual Samuel Johnson quote feels more fitting.

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