Jameela Jamil calls for government inquiry into press 'harassment' following Caroline Flack’s death


TV presenter Caroline Flack’s death has sent shockwaves across social media.

In the aftermath of the news that the former Love Island presenter passed away just weeks after being charged with assaulting her boyfriend in December 2019, discussion has turned to how we treat each other - and particularly public figures - on social media.

One person who’s had very recent experience of the darker side of the press and social media is TV presenter and actress Jameela Jamil.

Jamil found herself in the centre of an internet conspiracy theory that she has been lying about or exaggerating her illnesses and ailments. Jamil has denied this is the case, but that didn’t stop the internet from turning it into meme fodder for days and days and days.

Eventually, the whole thing turned pretty nasty and looked like playground bullying on a huge scale. Jamil’s boyfriend, musician James Blake, came out in her defence, which appears to have momentarily drawn a line under this ugly moment.

Reacting to the news of Flack’s death, Jamil is calling out the “pile on” mentality of social media and the press.

Now she’s calling on the government to investigate the “harassment” waged by the British press so that this “never happens again”. There’s even a petition, which Jamil posted on social media.

It re​ads:

This campaign is calling on our Government to launch an inquiry into the British press and their practices following the maltreatment of those in the public eye including; Caroline Flack, Harry and Meghan Markle, to name a few. The headlines, harassment and trial by media has to end and they must be held accountable. ​

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