13 times James Blunt proved himself absolutely unroastable

Harriet Marsden@harriet1marsden
Monday 01 May 2017 09:45
Picture:(Getty Images / Scott Barbour)

James Blunt just appeared on The Weekly's 'Hard Chat' series, and was magnificently impossible to mock.

No matter how hard Australian comedian Tom Gleeson tried to roast Blunt for his dubious pop 'career', Blunt outsassed him at every point.

Blunt is currently staging an almighty comeback since 2004's Back to Bedlam had us all in psychosis every time 'You're Beautiful' was played.

Now with new album The Afterlove, he's even appearing alongside charts darling Ed Sheeran.

Blunt's magnificent Twitter feed is also proof that the soppiest of singers can have the sharpest of tongues - and that it is physically impossible to take the p*** out of someone if they are consistently doing it to themselves, better than you ever could.

Here are some of his most glorious comebacks, proving himself utterly unroastable at every turn...

And this, the not-forgotten gem...

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