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Boris Johnson ascension to the throne of prime minister of the UK is one of the most unlikely things to happen in the history of British politics.

Falling into the position despite his general demeanour, confusing approach to politics and long history of controversial statements.

One particular area that has come back to haunt him of late is his quite frankly indefensibly comments on theLGBT+ community which some people are seemingly still unaware of.

During a phone call to James O'Brien's LBC Radio show a supporter of the prime minister attempted to defend him after the host has asked for examples of Johnson not breaking promises.

Carl claimed to O'Brien that Johnson had been a consistent supporter of gay rights from his time as a journalist right through to his career as a politician.

O'Brien took exception to that and chose to point out some of the words that Johnson had used in articles he had written to describe gay people, the most infamous being "tank-topped bum boys."

Carl seemed unfamiliar with this quote, which Johnson had penned for the Spectator in 2000, responding to the revelation in an exasperated tone.

Oh...I don't know about that. In what context did he say that? Sorry, what do you mean 'he wrote an article?' That was the headline? I'm pretty sure he didn't say that.

O'Brien then pulls up a selection of damming quotes from Johnson about LGBT+ people which confuses Carl to no end who then tries to counteract these revelations to Johnson's history of voting in favour of gay rights.

The host replies:

Carl, Carl. Leave it, mate. You began the conversation by referring to his career as a journalist and his lifelong support for gay rights. Just call it quits, Carl.

Carl who is audibly annoyed and frustrated at this point replies to O'Brien in a considered, intelligent and diplomatic way.

James, you're a snowflake loser.

And with that Carl ends the conversation and essentially concedes defeat to O'Brien.

You can watch the full conversation in the video below.

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