On the same day that he was awkwardly confronted by Theresa May for his comments about her Brexit negotiations, the EU commission president Jean-Claude Juncker did something very strange and potentially inappropriate to one of his colleague's hair.

In a short video, the 64-year-old walks up to EU deputy head of protocol, Pernilla Sjölin, and ruffles her hair, for no apparent reason, before giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Everyone seemed a bit confused by what they had just seen and then seconds later the Luxembourgian made an odd shivering motion.

It was a bizarre spectacle, to say the least, and sort of summed up Brexit. Messy, confusing and something that will probably result in us all shivering in a corner.

Footage of Juncker's odd moment soon went viral and nobody quite knew what to make of it.

Other's felt that in the age of #MeToo it was completely inappropriate for Juncker to act like this towards a woman.

HT Metro

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