Just when you thought Brexit might be over soon, it seems that the UK’s future relationship with the EU is more uncertain than ever.

Days after surviving a vote of no confidence, Theresa May jetted to an EU summit desperately in search of concessions from leaders on her embattled EU Withdrawal Agreement.

But just after her arrival, president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker described May’s Brexit demands as “nebulous” and “imprecise”.

In rare footage captured without audio, May was seen approaching Juncker as EU leaders gathered. While it isn’t clear exactly what was said, the atmosphere looked frostier than a car windscreen before sunrise.

The exact wording is unclear, but May can be clearly seen saying the word "nebulous". During a press conference later in the day, the prime minister described the discussion as "robust" and an indication of a close working relationship.

Juncker clarified that he meant that the debate was nebulous, not May herself.

But if there's one person to thank, it's the unsuspecting cameraperson who captured this remarkable footage as they were being escorted out of the room - a true professional who, like us, lives for the drama.

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