Jeremy Corbyn’s latest video reveals previously unseen muscles and no one knows what to think

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn isn’t exactly famous for his physique.

As a Marmite Labour leader, either adored or despised by the public, yes.

For his guns, no.

But in this week's clip of Corbyn participating in the Thursday clap for carers, he’s wearing a short sleeved T-shirt.

Thanks to this development, the world has now been introduced to two previously unseen members of the Corbyn household: Jeremy’s biceps.

Immediately, people noticed.

And got very thirsty.

There were jokes about how his arms squared with his political stance.

And some observations about the apparent effect relinquishing leadership of the Labour party can have on someone’s wellbeing.

Maybe he’s just happy he doesn’t have to wear suits 24/7 anymore.

Corbyn’s 'Born in the NHS' T-shirt also was admired.

Could it rival his iconic grey tracksuit?

Maybe former deputy Tom Watson has a rival when it comes to Labour politicians pivoting to fitness influencer...

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