Brexiteer Tory MP John Redwood has been knighted and people aren't happy

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Theresa May has given one of her biggest critics a knighthood and people are very angry about it.

John Redwood is a long-standing Brexiteer who called May’s deal “an unbelievably bad Agreement for the UK and a great one for the EU.”

He is getting a knighthood for his “political and public service”.

That “service” includes:

  • Attempting and failing twice to become leader of the Conservative Party
  • Voting against key LGBT rights legislation, such as equal gay rights and same-sex marriage
  • Voting for reintroducing the death penalty
  • Supporting a no deal Brexit

Some people think May is trying to buy-off Redwood so he supports her Brexit deal in parliament.

Others wanted to point out Redwood doesn’t have the best record when it comes to looking out for people in need.

And then there were people who just wanted to remember the time he tried to pretend to know the words to the Welsh national anthem.

He was Secretary of State for Wales at the time…

You'd think his first tweet following the news would be a thank you to the prime minister for the honour.

Maybe not...

Clearly Sir John Redwood has bigger things on his mind.

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