How are you feeling this morning? Tired? Hungover? Emotional?

I have been struggling to hold back the tears all morning. Can't even possibly think about listening to 'Three Lions'.

What will we do with ourselves?

No more 'It's coming home' memes. No more admiration of Harry Maguire's head. No more dreaming of what might have been.

Despite the result, the boys in Russia have made a lot of people back home proud to be English again, which, for some, has been hard for the past few years.

Although it didn't come home, what Gareth Southgate and his waistcoats achieved was unprecedented and people now want him to be honoured with a knighthood.

Following last night's final whistle Twitter was awash for Southgate to be named in the next honours list and to be honest, we can't disagree.

However, not everyone agreed that he deserved to be called 'Sir Gareth.' After all, they only won a few football matches against unfancied opposition.

To be honest we're not sure what qualifies someone for a knighthood but if we could hand them out we'd award them for moments like this.

Thanks for everything, Gareth.

HT Lad Bible

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