Jon Voight says Trump is the greatest US president since Lincoln and the internet has a lot of thoughts
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Jon Voight, Oscar-winning star of classic films like Deliverance, Midnight Cowboy and The Rainmaker, and father of Angelina Jolie, has long been at odds with most of Hollywood over his Republican views.

But yesterday he really upped the ante.

In a bizarre video titled “To my fellow Americans”, which at first glance looks as though Mr Voight himself is running for president, he declared:

Let us stand up for this truth, that president Trump is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.

It's not the first time that the actor has voiced support for Trump.

During the 2016 election campaign he defended the presidential hopeful's infamous casual boast about sexual assault in a series of tweets that ranged from depressing to worrying.

He continued by comparing Trump's boast to Robert de Niro's denouncements of the billionaire - which, just to re-clarify, included zero endorsements of sexual assault.

Showing a worrying lack of understanding of how words work, Voight claimed:

Trump's words did not hurt anyone.

In his new speech, some have interpreted Voight's own choice of words as having some worrying undertones.

Some felt there might be other factors at play behind the scenes.

With Twitter's co-founder claiming Trump is a "master" of the site this week, some questioned the platform's decision making.

However, it did make some in Hollywood re-evaluate their own opinions.

Mainly, the bizarre video led to calls for Voight to be "cancelled", although some brutally pointed out those closer to the actor had got there first.

While Mr Voight was a Democrat in his youth (which he later blamed on - you guessed it - "cultural Marxism"), some felt the signs had been there since 1997 at least.

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