Katie Price went to a red-list country for cosmetic surgery and people are furious

Katie Price went to a red-list country for cosmetic surgery and people are furious

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, TV personality Katie Price has revealed that she travelled to a red list country for cosmetic surgery, a decision which has since angered people online.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, the former glamour model explained that she had a full body liposuction in Turkey, which is on the government’s list of places where Brits must be quarantined in a hotel for 10 full days and take two Covid tests.

This is in contrast to those arriving from amber list countries, which require the person to quarantine at home or where they are staying for 10 full days, with two Covid tests.

Green countries, meanwhile, do not have to quarantine, but must get a test on or after their second day back home.

Defending her decision to travel out to Turkey, Ms Price told the presenters that she “didn’t muck about at all” while there, and that she “wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t have two jabs”.

She said: “I’m working, I’m doing my YouTube. I’ve had two Covid jabs, done all my PCR tests … You have to follow the protocol. You can’t be silly.

“So I knew by going to a red country, I’d literally be in the hospital. I wasn’t mixing with anyone else.”

Ms Price went on to add that after receiving the surgery at the hospital, she flew to an amber country to stay in a villa “in the middle of the hills, away from everyone” before coming back home to the UK.

Commenting on her decision, Dr Amir Khan said: “It is a risk. I think it’s important that you’re open about it … There’s lots of different reasons people will have cosmetic surgery and it has to be done safely, which I’m glad you’ve talked about today.

“But travelling to a red country, Katie? I’m not quite sure whether I would say that’s a good idea for cosmetic surgery.”

It seems members of the public agree, as Ms Price faced strong criticism for jetting out to Turkey when people hadn’t seen their families for two years:

On this occasion, the Price is definitely wrong…

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