Controversial Trump supporting YouTuber Keemstar claims he predicted coronavirus in 2013

YouTuber Daniel Keem, aka Keemstar, aka DramaAlert has suggested – not for the first time – that he's actually a psychic genius.

When old tweets resurface for influencers (especially ones this problematic), it's not usually good news. But Keem's latest tweet aims to actually highlight a tweet from 2013, in which he says that "corona virus" is the "new back plague".

People are pretty sceptical and Keem hasn't responded to any of the replies which are questioning the legitimacy of the tweet and asking him to elaborate on how on earth he predicted the pandemic seven years ago.

While others suggested the comparison was a little overstated.

Whether real or not, there are in fact lots of reasons why someone may have had the impetus to tweet something along these lines based in 2013, given the MERS outbreak of 2012 was heavily reported, and MERS is another type of coronavirus.

Keemstar is not well-regarded within the YouTube community. He is a self-professed Trump supporter who's used his platform of millions to praise his actions (such as "exposing" CNN as "fake news").

Keemstar has previously been accused of making racist comments and unfounded allegations of paedophilia. He was also accused of exacerbating the mental health conditions of YouTuber Etika, who went on to take his own life.

All in all, not the most beloved of characters, as evidenced by a 2016 petition asking for him to be banned from YouTube, which was signed by more than 60,000 people.

When it comes to the coronavirus outbreak, considering his history, perhaps him saying he "called it" is actually the least offensive comment we could expect from him.

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