Five niche things we learned about Keir Starmer from his Piers Morgan’s Life Stories show

Keir Starmer appeared on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories last night. In a wide-ranging interview, he spoke about his upbringing, his ambitions for the Labour Party and even advised Piers Morgan to follow him in using moisturiser every day.

But what were the key takeaways from the chat? Who is Keir Starmer, really?

Here are five niche things we learnt about the leader of the Labour Party.

1. His friends epicly pranked him on his wedding

Starmer’s middle name is Rodney - named after his father- but he isn’t a fan of it so he left it out of his wedding certificate. So, his friends “faked a document from Essex council” pretending the marriage was void because of this omission and sent it to him while he was on his honeymoon. Excellent.

2. His parents caused a kerfuffle in Buckingham Palace when he was knighted

When Starmer was knighted in 2014 “they thought it’d be unfair to leave the dog at home” so they took it with them, causing security to investigate the barking that was coming from their car. His dad then “asked one of the attendants there to look after the dog.”

3. His flat was burgled in front of him

When Starmer was living in Archway, north London, in his early adulthood, burglars entered his flat and took his television without him noticing.

“I was so engrossed in my work,” he said.

His flatmates weren’t best pleased.

4. He got drunk with George and Amal Clooney

Starmer told Morgan that he and his wife Victoria Starmer met up with the Clooneys for lunch and it ended up going on so late it turned into afternoon drinks then dinner.

“There was quite a lot of empty bottles by the end of the evening,” he said.

5. He would “knock” Boris Johnson over on the football pitch

Starmer’s friends said he was a fan of football and can get rowdy on the pitch. His colleague David Lammy said he thought Starmer used football as an outlet for all his frustrations from the week.

And when asked how he would approach the Prime Minister on the pitch, Starmer said:“I would probably knock him over” - and with that the interview was over.

People enjoyed the candid interview and expressed their support on social media:

He was even endorsed by former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown:

So there you have it, the leader of the Labour Party. We wonder if this will give him the boost in the polls he so desperately needs.

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