Kellyanne Conway finally admitted the truth about the election

As we prepare to say goodbye to Trump, there’s many Trump-world faces who we’ll probably be seeing a lot less of.

One of these is the inventor of “alternative facts” Kellyanne Conway. Formerly one of Trump’s most loyal advisers, Conway left his team a few months before the election. And now she’s acknowledged, for the first time, that Joe Biden won the election during an interview.

She said: “If you look at the vote totals in the Electoral College tally, it looks like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will prevail.”

“I assume the electors will certify that and it will be official. We, as a nation, will move forward, because we always do,”

“The president wants to exhaust all of his legal avenues, as he has made clear many times. His team is doing that, and that is his right.”

During Trump’s time as president Conway became known for going to great (and sometimes ridiculous lengths) to defend him. Her staunch support for the president put her at odds with her husband George, an anti-Trump Republican who cofounded pro-Biden PAC The Lincoln Project.

Given Trump is still insisting he won the election, people can’t quite believe that Conway has broken with him and told it like it is (even if the election happened over a month ago).

Lots of people have interpreted her concession that Trump lost as the final nail in the coffin of Trump’s hopes of overturning the results.

It remains to be seen Trump will listen to Conway’s words, or continue to push unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about the election.

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