KFC has launched a scented candle which smells of fried chicken.

Why anyone would want to smell this and not eat it is beyond us - this seems more of a hunger-inducing torture device than a decorative scent.

Anyway, it's happened - here's the limited edition proof, courtesy of KFC New Zealand:

They're not the only company to think of something like this monstrosity:

Note to all foodmakers: We want to eat your products, make that as easy and as cheap as possible.

Pringles, make your cans wider so we can fit our hands in.

KFC, do delivery from your website in the UK.

Greggs, just keep doing you - you're fantastic.

But all of you, stop making candles - it's not your forté and we have other great minds focused on that endeavour.

We'd say 'burn it all down', but that's the opposite of what we're going for here.

What do you think? Let us know:

HT Metro

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