Thirteen of the absolute manliest products that only manly men can buy

Hey you, upstanding cisgender male-identifying member of society. Yes, you.

We know you don't hear this enough, but you're actually really special. (Not special like a princess, obviously. Special like a home-run goal thing that wins the game or fight or whatever.) And not enough of the world's consumerist bulls--t caters to your needs and whims on a regular basis to reflect that.

But there are some brands which do recognise how deserving of special treatment you are.

So much so, in fact, that they pay tribute to the rugged caveman that lives inside you with their ingenious, control group tested products.

And the best part? All these hardy man items for when you're chugging beer or chopping down trees are probably cheaper than the female equivalents. F--k yeah!

1. Broga mats.

These also come in lumberjack, ninja, toy soldiers, bears, tree trunk and 'tasteful plaid' designs.

2. This isn't a sponge. It's a SHOWER TOOL.

3. When glasses are for weak feminine wrists, reach for your trusty Man Can - wine in a can.

4. Ditto iced coffee.

The ad for this reads: "Man has lost his place in the world and his place in the fridge. There are scarce few products we can call our own. At Mammoth Supply Company, we've decided to do something about this and offer something for men--no nonsense, fill-you-up iced coffee."

5. Cleaning products. But! For men.

'Wipe like a man' with 'fierce' disinfectant wipes for a 'bacteria massacre'.

6. Brogurt. That's right, lads: yoghurt isn't just for vaginal thrush anymore.

7. Hair in a can - spray on your virility.

8. Tea for men.

Flavours include: Shockolate, Fizz Bitch, Manana, and Gun.

9. Man Candles.

'Candles with attitude'.

10. Meggings.

Mother. F--king. Meggings.

11. Dude Wipes. 'Toilet paper + Dude Wipes = King of the Throne', apparently.

12. The Adidas 'For Men' range has protein in it.

Mmm, protein.

13. And saving the best til last... This isn't just shampoo. It's male dog shampoo.

Real men don't cry.

But Jesus wept.

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