With Kanye West's meeting with Donald Trump grabbing a lot of the headlines today, it's easy to forget that a lot of other celebrities were in the White House yesterday.

They included former NFL star, Jim Brown, Sam Moore of Sam and Dave fame, Mike Love of the Beach Boys and Steely Dan.

Nobody really cared about them as they didn't do anything of note but it wasn't Kanye who was the only person getting all the meme treatment.

Kid Rock, the producer of music of an 'acquired taste' and long-time Donald Trump supporter, was also at the White House to see the signing of the Music Modernisation Act.

Mr Rock, real name Robert Ritchie, who has produced many fine songs, such as 'American Badass' and 'Bawitdaba', found himself being mocked for showing up at White House and to be honest, some of the jokes were pretty funny.

Kid Rock's unique lyrics managed to give people a lot of material.

Seeing Kid Rock enter the White House to one of his own songs is funnier than it should be.

Just don't disturb Trump when his 'cool' friends are coming over to visit him.

At least Kid Rock managed to give some interesting insights into the current political climates.

HT Daily Dot

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