A new mother, who called herself a "pretentious foodie" and claimed that her son will never become the "kids' menu" kind of child, is becoming a laughing stock after parents everywhere are saying it's just not that easy...

The unidentified woman took to Facebook to share her new-found excitement about the fact that her toddler will be switching to eating solid foods soon. She wrote:

So excited for [Name] to start solids next month. Also being the somewhat pretentious foodie I am, he sure as hell will not be a "kids menu" kind of child. Kind of hate those things even exist.

Little did she know, that the more experienced parents on the internet, would be quick to shut this idea down, saying that it's virtually impossible to not use a kids menu with young children because of the little picky monsters they become.

Some agreed, that while things might start off strong with the little ones, they only tend to get worse.

It seems like this young mother still has a lot to learn – queue the mental breakdown when the child is devouring a chocolate Easter egg from last year, which he found under the sofa cushions.

HT BoredPanda

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