Kim Kardashian just called on Trump to recognise the Armenian Genocide

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Yesterday, Kim Kardashian West called on the US government to step forward and acknowledge the Armenian Genocide on its 103rd anniversary.

The subject might be a far cry from her usual promotional tweets and artistic nudes, but it's one which is close to her heart.

In an official KKW post, she states pride in her own Armenian heritage and fondly remembers a 2015 trip, during which she was shown the home of her ancestors.

It's not the first time Kardashian West has used her global platform to raise awareness of the genocide, which saw 1.5 million Armenians murdered by the Ottoman Empire.

Back in 2016, she responded to a full-page advert denying the genocide, which ran in the Wall Street Journal. She did so by taking out her own ad in the New York Times and describing her reasons for doing so in a powerful, incendiary blog:

Money talks, and right now it's talking shit.

Despite recognition in a number of US states and 29 countries worldwide, the United States still refuses to officially refer to the widespread massacre as 'genocide'. Scholars have attributed this refusal to the country's strategic alliances with Turkey, as well as the fear that uncovering this messy history would lead to other repercussions and increased scrutiny on its history of slavery.

These conversations surrounding the genocide is still steeped in controversy - proven by the thousands-strong protests which erupted worldwide in commemoration of the anniversary - but one Twitter user pointed out that Kardashian West might actually be strategically-placed to lead them.

Although it's unlikely America's relationship with its troubled past is set to improve, it's refreshing to see stars using their platform to spark difficult conversations.

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