Kylie Jenner criticised for posting insensitive photos of 'lavish vacation in Paris' despite travel restrictions

Kylie Jenner criticised for posting insensitive photos of 'lavish vacation in Paris' despite travel restrictions
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Kylie Jenner has come under fire for posting pictures on holiday – with no mask on and away from the US.

During the last couple of months, most countries have closed their border to Americans – because of the spread of Covid-19 within the country. Many other countries have been imposing and lifting quarantine measures based on growing numbers of infections, but the US recently surpassed 6 million confirmed coronavirus cases.

Jenner posted a series of photos of herself around Paris, apparently on holiday. In several of the images, she's also not wearing a mask.

As a result of travel bans, most Americans have been unable to leave the country, even for personal reasons.

People were confused about why Jenner had been able to travel across the globe.

A report from E! News suggests that Jenner was able to visit Paris because her makeup company, Kylie Cosmetics, is owned by Coty.Inc, which is based in Paris.

However, guidance within France around international travel would require anyone travelling into France to self-isolate for two weeks upon arrival. The guidance also suggested that it would be a "rare occurrence" for people to be allowed to come to France on business reasons.

Some suggested that she may have brought her friends along if she was travelling privately – such as on a private jet – while others pointed out that it was frustrating she could go wherever she wanted while other people had to stay at home.

Other people also asked why Jenner didn’t just do a video call or hold Zoom meetings like many other people have been able to do.

This isn’t the first time that Kylie and her family have been criticised for ignoring social distancing guidelines – and taking what seem to be completely unnecessary trips. In July, she took a vacation to Utah and posted photos from a luxury resort.

Earlier this year, Jenner posted from Turks and Caicos, a popular holiday destination which has reopened for tourism.

However, the criticism may have reached Kylie’s ears – in a post from later that weekend, she can be seen wearing a mask outside. But it seems that she may still be in Paris.

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