Greggs vegan sausage rolls keep selling out in this key marginal seat as Labour canvassers flood the area

An army marches on its stomach. Labour canvassers however are powered by two things: the dream of socialism… and Greggs vegan sausage rolls.

Reports from marginal London constituency Chingford and Woodford Green suggest that young activists flocking to support Labour candidate Faiza Shaheen have prompted a surge in sales of vegan sausage rolls from the local Greggs.

What makes the whole thing even more delicious is Shaheen – who is looking to unseat former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith – used to work in the very same Greggs she’s now inadvertently helped increase sales in.

What’s more, they’re so popular with swathes of eager young campaigners that the Chingford Mount reportedly keeps selling out.

In fact, activists on the ground say it’s the Shaheen connection that’s helped boost the sales of the vegan sausage roll – and actually made it somewhat of campaign tradition.

Although Greggs politely declined to comment on sales figures for the Chingford Mount branch, those on the ground say the rumours are true.

“I’ve been canvassing for Faiza for nine months,” says Niki, a Labour activist and Greggs patron, speaking exclusively to Indy100.

Since then I’ve visited the Greggs and enjoyed the vegan sausage rolls it’s become a tradition for activists, particularly when we canvass around Chingford Mount as that’s the branch where Faiza worked her first job.

Niki – who told indy100 Greggs sold out of the rolls at least three times today alone – reported that about 200 Labour activists a day converge on Chingford at the weekend, while weekdays see a total turnout of about 90 campaigners a day, with around 50 to 60 arriving for evening sessions.

And it’s not just Labour activists who are fans of the Chingford vegan sausage roll; when Jeremy Corbyn paid a visit in September, Shaheen took him in for one.

The influx of volunteers to Chingford are just one part of mass mobilisation campaign by Labour that has seen thousands of activists flock to marginal seats in the hope of preventing a Tory majority.

Tomorrow’s final Get Out the Vote push will see many leave large cities like London on coaches to help support regional campaigns that need more manpower.

Luckily, Greggs is a national brand.

Give them bread, roses and… sausage rolls?

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