Labour MP explains everything that is wrong with the NHS and how to fix it in just 90 seconds

Labour MP explains everything that is wrong with the NHS and how to fix it in just 90 seconds
'Intolerable' NHS pressures show little sign of relenting, government warned

A Labour MP has shared her take on everything wrong with the NHS and how it can be fixed.

Shadow minister, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, also an A&E doctor, appeared on BBC Breakfast, discussing the growing pressures in the healthcare service.

Allin-Khan claimed that all of this has been "born out of 12 years of mismanagement, 12 years of under-resourcing."

She continued: "We now have 130,000 vacancies within our NHS, and Labour has a plan of growing the workforce,

"We will train 10,000 new nurses and midwives every year. We will double the number of medical school spaces. We will improve mental health services. We have a plan for all of this."

Allin-Khan then claimed there's a death rate of 500 people a week in the country because they "cannot access emergency care."

"That is an inditement of the government's failure to prioritise the NHS."

The 90-second clip has since been shared online, with Twitter users inundating the post with their takes.

One passionate user fumed: "This government is a danger to life and wellbeing. I've never known such recklessness. They just don't care."

"Don’t worry Rishi’s on it - More maths for everyone," another person jested, following the prime minister's plans to implement compulsory maths until the age of 18.

You can watch the full clip here:

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It comes after medical professionals described the current NHS crisis as "unbearable" and "intolerable".

NHS England's Chris Hopson spoke on BBC Radio 5 Live and laid out some of the factors impacting the health service.

He highlighted that almost 4,000 people are in hospital beds with the flu, compared to just 520 a month ago. A further 9,500 patients have Covid compared to less than half the number a few weeks prior.

Towards the last six years of the year, around 9,500 NHS staff were absent due to Covid. There was also an 18 per cent rise in A&E visits.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: "We recognise the pressures the NHS is facing following the impact of the pandemic and are working tirelessly to ensure people get the care they need, backed by up to £14.1 billion additional funding for health and social care over the next two years.

"This winter, the government has provided an extra £500 million to speed up hospital discharge and free up beds – and the NHS is creating the equivalent of at least 7,000 more beds to help reduce A&E waits and get ambulances back on the road.

"We’re supporting and growing the health and social care workforce through training and recruitment campaigns at home and abroad, and there are record numbers of staff working for the NHS, including 9,300 more nurses and almost 4,000 more doctors compared to September 2021."

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