Someone created the 'Ladies imagine this' meme. Then, things got weird...

Lowenna Waters
Friday 25 May 2018 10:45

If you've been scrolling through Twitter these last few days, you can't help but have seen the new 'Ladies, imagine this' meme.

The meme basically started because one woman fantasied about her 'soccer mom' future, consisting of her, her 'hot husband' and her son playing baseball while her daughter cheers him on.

This, according to Mallori, is her LIVING HER BEST LIFE.


Ok, so let's take a look. The original tweet has now had nearly 150K retweets:

Straight away, people were bamboozled by how down right mundane this fantasy really is.

Then, people started coming up with fantasies of their own...


Some imagined a utopian future free from the shackles of sexism.

Some looked to the future for inspiration.

Others went back in time.

While some just went for the down right bizarre.



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