A lesbian influencer couple launched a ‘donor sperm giveaway’ and people have a lot of questions
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An influencer couple has launched a "sperm donor giveaway" on Instagram, and people have a lot questions.

Allie Conway and Sam Kwiatkowski, who identify themselves as an "femme lesbian couple", teamed up with sperm bank Fairfax Cryobank to offer one of the 202,000 followers on their joint Instagram "1 vial of donor sperm (of your choice)," with free shipping included.

"We are so, so excited to be partnering with @fairfaxcryobank to (hopefully!) help one of you grow your family!" the Instagram caption said.

The couple – who recently got married, according to their popular Youtube channel “Allie & Sam” – are currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The post has currently received more than 14,000 likes and some people seemed thrilled by the news:

We just started our IVF process.

This would be a dream / big time saving in the already huge bill. Thank you for the opportunity ladies!

Many others were also grateful and noted how expensive the sperm donor process can be.

Some, however, were not so sure this was a normal thing to do. Jake Arlow tweeted, “imagine telling a child that they came from an Instagram giveaway.”

Arlow added that she herself is a lesbian and was "literally so glad sperm banks exist," and was simply "commenting on the absolutely wild nature of doing spon con for a sperm bank."

Another Twitter user said: "At first I did not realize it was a 'partnership' and I thought they just had, like...leftovers? I honestly am not sure which way is weirder."

While it is certainly fair to acknowledge that the donor process is expensive and stressful, and legitimate to recognise the financial and emotional difficulties people go through to have children, something about the monetised nature of the post and the classic smiling-Instagramer-holding-a-giveaway-board reading “donor sperm giveaway” is truly... unusual.

But then again, it's 2020 after all. And in 2020 anything goes.

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