Americans might have just found their own Loch Ness monster

Alaska’s Bureau of Land Management uploaded the following video to its Facebook page last week:

It appears to be showing a giant reptile-like creature skimming the water on the Chena River in Fairbanks.

The video was viewed almost one million times, and speculation was rife about what it might be.

Some of the suggestions were:

  • Pike

  • Fresh water shark

  • Sturgeon

  • Alligator

  • Squeaver (a type of squirrel with beaver-like characteristics)

Inevitably, a certain Scottish monster made an appearance...

Leona Madros wrote:

The loch ness monster


So what is it?

A couple of days later the Bureau updated its Facebook page, and wrote:

So far the most compelling explanation, one shared by experts at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game - Official and others, is that the video shows ‘frazil ice stuck to a rope that is probably caught on a bridge pier

We like the Loch Ness Monster theory better.

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