This video about how gelatin is made will probably put you off eating sweets forever

How often are you found chomping on a handful of jelly sweets? We can pretty much guarantee it will be a lot less after watching this gross video.

The video, which shows the manufacturing process of jelly sweets backwards, shows the stripping of pig skin, chopping of carcusses and boiling of bones to create gelatin.

Gelatin is a tasteless substance that is made by prolonged boiling of skin, cartilage and bones from animals, often pigs or cows. It is used in a range of products, including our favourite sweets, some vitamins, marshmallows, cheeses, yoghurts, soups, jelly and salad dressings, to stabilise and thicken ingredients.

While gelatin does contain 18 amino acids, if you are vegan, vegetarian or disgusted by the thought of animal bones in your sweets you might want to check the packet. Luckily for you, there are a great range of gelatin free, vegetarian sweets out there.

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