Attempt to 'relax' mum with virtual reality backfires completely

Attempt to 'relax' mum with virtual reality backfires completely

Virtual Reality is the newest way to experience gameplay, and a number of VR apps have been released to really ramp up user experience.

When Megan Kelley and her mum accompanied their dad to hospital for a double organ transplant, their stress levels were obviously pretty high.

Kelley and her brothers decided to help relax her mum by plugging her into a VR rollercoaster ride.

It didn’t go quite to plan.

Doesn't look like a woman floating in the sea of calm now, does it?

Kelley wrote:

After a month in the Intensive Care Unit, we finally got a call that our dad would be getting a double organ transplant. In the intense early morning hours prior to our dad being brought into surgery, we decided to help pass time and try to relax our we decided to put her on a rollercoaster ride.

There was a lot of flailing

And mum didn't manage to keep her bottom on the seat the entire time...

Needless to say, she was many things - frightened, disoriented, wobbly - but she wasn't relaxed.

At all.

Here's the YouTube, complete with hysterical background laughter:

HT Fox8

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