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On Wednesday, The New York Times published an anonymous essay from a "senior administration official" within Trump's White House detailing how they are resisting the president's worst tendencies.

The article prompted all sort of reactions, especially from Donald Trump who was initially confused and then very angry about its existence, and has since demanded an investigation into who wrote it.

It's very possible that members of the White House staff are trying to figure out who this person is as we speak but, over on Twitter, people have been conducting their own thorough investigations.

The use of the word 'lodestar' has got a lot of people talking, as they believe that only the vice president Mike Pence would possibly use a word like that.

The exact use of the word was in a small paragraph paying tribute to John McCain:

We may no longer have Senator McCain.

But we will always have his example — a lodestar for restoring honour to public life and our national dialogue.

Mr. Trump may fear such honourable men, but we should revere them.

One account, run by a man named Dan Bloom, has highlighted why he believes lodestar indicates that the letter is from Mike Pence.

Soon, the hashtags #LodestarGate and #VeepThroat were circulating on Twitter, while others pointed to other words that could suggest other officials were behind the letter.

In perhaps an attempt to quash these rumours, Jarrod Agen, the deputy chief of staff and comms director for Pence, categorically stated that the VP would always put his name on an opinion and would never submit anything anonymously.

Unfortunately for him, this prompted a lot of jokes and memes.

Since the publication of the NYT piece, numerous officials including Pence have denied any involvement in the letter.

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